Aces Art V2

Regular price HK$1,780.00 Sale price HK$1,580.00 Save HK$200.00

The ACES ART V2 is a hand blown glass design shisha. The ACES ART V2 is completed with a high grade thick glass to give you the best smoking experience. The ACES ART V2 pairs with a handmade wooden case to add an extra dimension and provide extreme comfort. The pipe can be used outdoors and is perfectly stable on all surfaces. ACES ART V2 includes:

  • Hand blown glass base - Glass connector for the bowl
  • Glass downstem
  • Removable glass purge with built in glass ball
  • Food grade silicone hose with glass connectors and steel handle
  • Handmade wood cover
  • Silicone Bowl
  • Heat Management Device
  • Led Light

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